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Prices & Testimonials

Alexander Technique:

Initial 1 hour lesson (includes a set of Pocket Prompts): £70.00

Second and subsequent regular 40 minute lessons: £45.00

One off/refresher lessons (45 minutes): £50.00

Combinations (discounted):

AT&M: An Alexander lesson and a 30 minute massage: £65.00 or

An Alexander Technique lesson and a 60 minute massage: £80.00

Other combinations are available on request


One hour: £45.00

3/4 of an hour: £36.00

1/2 an hour: £28.00

Oncology Massage:

Initial session: £60.00 (up to 90 mins)

Second and subsequent sessions £50.00 per session (up to 60 mins)

Each session is bespoke and the length of time will depend on what is needed/appropriate 


Initial 1 hour consultation, including a written report: £65.00

Follow up appointments: £40.00

Payment is due on the day of the appointment by cash or bank transfer.

Please be aware that I require 48 hours notice for cancellations, failing which the full fee will be charged.

"As a professional golf coach with a herniated disc, standing all day was painful. In just a few lessons I learnt how to stand with better posture and am now totally pain free; day and night. A remarkable turnaround as I had become resigned to constant discomfort. I would recommend the Alexander Technique to anyone."

Peter, Golf Professional.

"Learning the Alexander Technique was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has increased my self-confidence and spurred me on to try new things in my life which I would never have thought possible."

Jean, Administrator.

"When I came to you the first thing you sorted out within a week was what I thought was sciatica and had had for over seven years. You gave me the simplest tip ‘relax your knees and don’t lock them’. I am such a sceptic that I am still shocked that is worked 100%. You can’t get better than that."

Lyn, Businesswoman.

"Kit’s ability to blow long, loud notes on the cornet increased immediately and he now makes a much better sound. He recognises the impact of his posture on his playing and increasingly self corrects. The impact on his writing has also been considerable – he has changed from exhaustion after just a few lines to writing a full A4 side while thinking about the content rather than the act of writing."

Catharine, mother of Kit aged ten.

"I enjoyed the workshop so much and the first thing my husband said to me when he saw me was 'Hey, what have you done to yourself, you look like a teenager!' A bit of an exaggeration, but he was obviously impressed as he didn't know what I was doing. Thank you.

Tessa, Administrator.

"Thank you for the invigorating massage yesterday. My body felt freer and more supple. My legs felt less heavy and my breathing was easier and I managed my run in record time!"

Chris, Teacher.

"Past experiences of massages have not been great. Jackie's was very relaxing and firm and I could really feel the tension releasing in my knotted shoulders."

Liz, Administrator.

"I love the Alexander Technique. It has corrected my posture, improved my health and changed my life."

Alec McCowen, CBE, Actor.

"The part can never be well unless the whole is well."


Alexander Technique

small_woman.jpgThe Alexander Technique teaches you how to use your body more efficiently to improve your posture, movement and performance in all areas of your life. read more...

Pocket Prompts

pocketprompts1.jpgHow to remember and practise what you learnt in your lessons: your own set of uniquely designed 'aide-memoire' cards, in a bespoke wallet which fit easily into a handbag or jacket pocket.

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