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Special Offer for Alexander Awareness Week


International Alexander Awareness Week: 6th-12th October 2014

If you have ever wondered how learning the Alexander Technique could help you improve your health, well-being and performance, this could be the ideal time to find out.

Throughout the week, Introductory 1:1 lessons will cost just £10.00 (instead of £50.00) and you will also be able to purchase a set of 'Pocket Prompts' for just £5.00 (instead of £10.00).

Appointments will be available in the evening and on Saturday as well as during the day. Book now to secure your place.

I have now qualified as a 'Certified Oncology Massage Therapist' and am delighted to be adding this to my list of the.....



Next month I will be completing training in Oncology Massage and adding this type of massage to my list of skills......

Give something different this Valentine's Day


Alexander Technique

small_woman.jpgThe Alexander Technique teaches you how to use your body more efficiently to improve your posture, movement and performance in all areas of your life. read more...

Pocket Prompts

pocketprompts1.jpgHow to remember and practise what you learnt in your lessons: your own set of uniquely designed 'aide-memoire' cards, in a bespoke wallet which fit easily into a handbag or jacket pocket.

Massage & Nutrition

figtree.jpgIn addition to teaching the Alexander Technique, I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist and Massage Therapist:(Swedish, Soft tissue and Oncology Massage). I am able to assess and read more...